Checking Accounts

HomeStar Bank & Financial Services offers a complete line of Deposit accounts and services. From Checking to Savings and CDs to IRAs, we have many options to suit your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up by completing the online enrollment application found on this page by clicking on the button above that says Register. You can also obtain an application at any of our branch locations. Upon verification and approval of the application you will be sent a temporary Access ID and temporary password via U.S. mail. When accessing the site for the first time you will enter the temporary information that you were sent in the Access ID / Password boxes on the home page of the HomeStar Bank website. You will then have to choose a permanent Access ID and Password. Your Access ID must contain at least 6 characters (no more than 19). It can have special characters in it (- + $, etc.). Your Password must contain at least 8 characters (no more than 19) containing at least one letter and one number. The Password and Access ID are both "case sensitive"; therefore it is necessary to use 'UPPER" and "lower" case letters the same each time you enter them.

In general, HomeStar OnLine Banking is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. There may be occasional short periods of time where the system is unavailable in order to update necessary software and hardware.

You trust us with your business and we take that responsibility very seriously. Whether you bank with a teller inside one of our branches or transact business through HomeStar OnLine Banking, security and privacy of your business is of the highest priority for HomeStar Bank. That is why we have implemented and continuously review the latest in Internet security software and hardware to maintain the security and privacy of your information. We use encryption to secure all information while you are logged into HomeStar OnLine Banking.

All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. The browser must be capable of performing 128 bit encryption (see Encryption FAQ) and accept Cookies (see Cookie FAQ). Internet Explorer 10 or higher, current version of Google Chrome, or Safari 10.1 version or higher on MAC OS have been confirmed and tested to work with HomeStar OnLine Banking.

Encryption is a way to rewrite information in a code that can only be decoded later with a certain key. The higher the number of encryption bits, the higher the encryption. While using HomeStar OnLine Banking, all communication from you to the system and from the system back to you is encrypted at 128-bits. This is the highest encryption Microsoft, Google and Mac browsers support at this time. The system will decode the information you send using a unique key known only by our system.

Cookies allow a program (HomeStar OnLine Banking) to store information during your online session. HomeStar OnLine Banking uses "session cookies" which means that information is stored while you are logged on to facilitate transactions. When you log off of HomeStar OnLine Banking, the cookie is destroyed.

You must have cookies enable to the "" domain name. Double click on the Blocked Cookie Icon, at the bottom of the Internet Explorer screen . Click on the \\ site name, then click on the summary button, then click on the Always allow this site to use cookies choice and then click on OK.

The question and answer that you create, is used by the bank for positive identification purposes should you need to call and get information about your accounts.

No. Your Telebank password (PIN) is a separate number used for only telephone banking.

You can change your password easily by clicking on the "change password" and following the online directions.

* Note that this can only be accessed by visiting "options", then within the password heading, select edit.

No, once you have made the choice for your username, there is no online tool to choose another.

* However, we can do so by calling HomeStar for assistance.

No one but you knows your password. If you forget the password, please contact the Bank at (815)468-BANK (2265) during regular business hours or click the "Forgot Password" link on the home page login box. Enter your username, last 4 digits of your SSN and your email address. You will receive an email with a temporary password in it. After logging in you will be asked to choose a new password. Note, If you attempt to log on five times with an incorrect password, you will be "locked out" of HomeStar OnLine Banking and must contact the Bank to reset your password.

No. When Windows® or Google® saves your password for you, it stores the password information on your hard drive and is not encrypted. We recommend memorizing your password or storing it in a safe place only you will know.

If you don't see all of your accounts when you log on, there are a few different things that may be involved. Please contact us at any of our branch locations or by telephone at (815)468-BANK (2265) during regular business hours. We will then be able to determine the cause of why a specific account is not reflected on your account listing.

This is a service HomeStar offers free of charge to personal checking customers that allows you to pay any of your bills using the Internet. You determine who you want to pay, how much you want to pay and when you want to pay it. It's that easy. No checks to write, no envelopes to address, no stamps to purchase.

Payments will be sent based on the date you input into the payment screen.

The Bill Payment feature is only available on checking accounts and only when viewing a specific account. It is not available on the account list screen, which is the first screen to come up at login.

Account transactions can be exported into Quicken (.QIF)®, Microsoft Money (.OFX)®, and Excel® using the Transaction Menu Screen.

Either your Access ID or Password are incorrect. This message is intentionally vague for security reasons. You may click the Back button and try again. If you attempt to log on five times with an incorrect password, you will be "locked out" of HomeStar OnLine Banking and must contact the Bank to reset your password.