Home Equity Loans

Photo of a family in front of house improved with a home equity loan

Considering a home improvement? Do you have a student on their way to college?


Do you want to consolidate those high interest rate credit cards? A home equity loan might be the answer. Consult with your own tax advisor, to see if the interest expense on a loan secured by your personal residence is tax deductible. HomeStar Bank & Financial Services offers options to fit your needs:


  • Fixed Second
    This loan is paid to you in one lump sum and you pay it back in equal monthly payments sufficient to repay the loan in full over the life of the loan.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (PowerLine)
    This is a line of credit that you draw against as you need it and can be used over and over again. What you receive is a maximum credit line and a checkbook. When you need funds, simply write a check. You pay monthly interst on the amount you've used.
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