Get started today and take the first step in preparing for your financial future.

MONEYMATTER$ is a free online financial education program designed to help you better manage your money.
Program highlights include:

  • A series of  interactive learning modules on key financial topics
  • Mobile and tablet enabled so you can learn anytime, anywhere
  • Courses available in both English and Spanish

April Promotion

Complete the "Major Life Transactions" Playlist & enter to win $100 CASH!

How It Works

1. Between now and June 30th, visit the MONEYMATTER$ Home Page and select the "Major Life Transactions" Playlist.
2. Complete all modules and calculators within the Playlist and click on the "Enter Drawing" link that will appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
3. Answer each question on the entry form and click, "Submit" to be included in the drawing for $100 cash!

*For complete rules and details click here

MONEYMATTER$ is available in English or Spanish! Language settings are available at the bottom of the home screen OR they can be accessed within any module by selecting the gear icon located in the top right corner.

Money Matters is available in English of Spanish!