Commercial Loans

Term Loans and More for Your Business

As a community-based bank, we are committed to helping the businesses in our community grow and prosper. 
At HomeStar we take the time to listen to your needs. That way, the loan solutions we offer are customized to your business’ cash flow and budgetary needs.

Commercial Term Loans

Growing any business takes patience, a determined attitude and funding. Term Loans offer financial assistance to business owners who are ready to take the next step forward in growth:
  • Available in fixed or variable rates
  • Payment schedules can be tailored to fit your business’ cash flow

Commercial Lines of Credit

If your business experiences peaks and valleys in your cash flow, a Line of Credit provides coverage for times when business is thin:
  • Revolving loan with pre-approved credit limits
  • Cover pre-paid expenses and working capital needs
  • Pay interest only on what you borrow
  • Variable interest rates available